Constellation Necklace and Earrings

What could be a more romantic title for a set of jewellery than the Constellation set? But nothing could be more appropriate… the piece was made by a client for her daughter’s 18th birthday… the pearls, diamonds and star sapphires used where her own, a gift from her deceased father, which she wanted to pass on. One of the given names of the person receiving this is Sky, so the sentimental side of the commission- and by far the most important- was particularly poignant in this creation. The shape of the necklace is based on the zodiac star constellation of the person receiving the gift.

Bespoke Constellation necklace set with pearls, star sapphires and diamonds. Created as an 18th birthday present.

A snapshot of the Constellation necklace set with pearls, diamonds and star sapphires. It is shown with its working drawing in gouache and Chinese ink.