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 I was asked to design this set to celebrate an important birthday of the recipient.  The brief was that above all, the jewellery must reflect the personality of the receiver.  Sapphires were her birthstone, so I decided to use the myriad of colours available to fulfil the brief.  The range of colours within one stone commemorates the client's creativity and multi faceted personality, and the seemingly random placing of the gems reflects a sense of fun and spontaneity.  The set, above all, is versatile, the bracelet and earrings in particular being able to be worn day or night.

A necklace composed of multi coloured sapphires and diamonds set in white gold.

Detail of the multi coloured sapphire bracelet.

Blue, pink and purple sapphire earrings.

The multi colour sapphire and diamond bracelet and earrings shown next to their original drawings.